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The GIO removes EMF distracting energies.

Suceed at Work with Razor Focus and Energy!


The GIO calms the mental and emotional bodies.

 Experience Deeper Meditation and Connection to Self!


The GIO Releases Build up of EMF.

Experience Quality Family Time!


THE GIO balances the Endocrine and Nervous Systems.

Experience Rich, Deep, Restful Sleep!


Feel the FULL Effects of Being Grounded!


Feel the same JOY of BEING barefoot on the beach, on the cool green grass at the park, or out in the beauty of nature



of Your Life!




 GIO Freedom from Pain, Inflammation and Stress

Achieve a State of Health, Balance and Personal Wellness Empowerment

Just as the sun provides us with warmth and light, the earth provides us with a source for food to stem our hunger and water to quench our thirst, it gives us a base for us to stand on and build on. But the earth provides us with something that most are not aware of; it gives us a foundation for our physical wellbeing.

Think about times you’ve run barefoot through the dewy grass or squished your toes into the sand at the beach. Recall how refreshing and free you feel when you connect with Mother Nature, just you and the earth. That feeling represents much more than just an escape from the harried daily grind. It puts you in touch with the healing properties of the earth that release positive ions from your body. This is referred to as Grounding, Earthing or indoor grounding and it is an extraordinary, essential source for both healing and rejuvenation.

Now, the Ground It Out Indoor Grounding Earthing Kit will connect you to the earth while going about your daily activities and you will receive the very same benefits as if you were actually barefoot and in physical contact with the earth. With the GIO indoor grounding earthing Kit you can ALWAYS plug into the Earth and release the static electricity built up in the body caused by our technologically advanced society.

There is no need to do without all the conveniences of modern technology. All you need to do is protect yourself and allow the GIO indoor grounding eatthing kit and the laser infused GIO-DE Diatomaceous Earth to bring you back to a state of balance and comfort.




Experience the incredible balancing benefits of the Earth through GIO - Ground it Out Kit.

  • Want relief from Pain, Inflammation and Stress caused by the excessive buildup of static electricity in the body? Grounding releases all this into the Earth naturally.

  • Looking for mental clarity and overall good health? Undergo the balancing nature of negative ions. Neutralize the over abundance of positive ions or free radicals, in the body created from harmful substances, such as EMF's. Understand that positive ions steal electrons from healthy cells to balance themselves. 

How long do you have to wait for these benefits? The GIO indoor grounding and earthing kit starts effecting changes in merely a few seconds after plugging in and grounding. Connect to the Circuit of Life!


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