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I was a volunteer for the GIO. I am a Reiki Master and was tested using thermography imaging. Images were taken while using Reiki without the GIO then using Reiki while using the GIO. While using the GIO I immediately was able to "get there" - what I call a connection to Spirit. I felt lighter and lighter, like my body and spirit were being cleansed. During the session with the GIO the bottom of my left foot kept vibrating. Throughout the next week - without the GIO - at times the bottom of my left foot would vibrate.

I don't know all the science of the GIO however I sure am happy for Nicole and her team for bringing the GIO kit to all of us. Something good happened while wearing the GIO and the benefits lasted at least a week with me. I look forward to the benefits using the GIO for more than 1/2 hour.

Thanks again Nicole!



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